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The new features of Intranet Central

posted Oct 19, 2010, 3:14 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 19, 2010, 4:03 AM by Joshua Lau ]
As frequent Intranet Watch readers know, Intranet Central was recently redesigned. During today's development update, we'll cover how this redesign makes life easier for you, and helps you get to what you're after faster.

Front page

The most obvious visual change is the new front page. As you can see, the familiar 'Newsletters' and 'Curriculum Review' links are still in the left-side column, but they're no longer floating about randomly. Rather, they belong to the new navigation menu, populated by other helpful features of Intranet Central which have been recently established, as well as several old sections which you may have forgotten about.

The menu is a reflection of the new and simplified structure of Intranet Central. Gone is the classic and rather arbitrary grouping given by the 'Miscellany' page - each section is immediately accessible from the front page. Other features haven't changed too much, but they have been improved upon. You can still access the latest newsletters, the latest daysheet, and other networks such as the DET Portal from the front page. However, they are now more clearly marked - with bright colours, so that you can't possibly miss them.

The 'quick links' box has been split in three ways. Some parts, such as the 'Staff Section' link, have been integrated into the navigation menu. Some parts have been categorised as links to 'Other Networks'. Finally, some parts have been integrated into new sections, such as the Documents Section and the Students Section, which are explained below.

Documents Section

One of the biggest structural issues with the previous design of Intranet Central was the overwhelming number of file cabinets for miscellaneous documents - 'COJR', 'Random Files', 'School Policies', and the list goes on. Each of these file cabinets only had a few files in them, many of which were clearly outdated and many of which had unhelpfully vague filenames (take 'L4L_factsheet.pdf' as an example).

Now, have a look at the new way of organising documents:

All the documents which never had a place to belong to have been united. More importantly, each and every one of them is explained in detail. So now, to use the earlier example, you are specifically informed that the L4L Factsheet provides "information for parents of students with DET-issued laptops". The problem of outdated documents is also solved. If there's a document which you simply can't use in practice, then it's pushed to the bottom of the page.

Students Section

For many months the students of James Ruse would log into Intranet Central and notice a mysterious 'Staff Section'. Many of them wondered why there was no student equivalent. Their wondering can stop, with the introduction of the new Students Section:

Each grade gets their own coloured box, which they will retain until the year after they graduate. Through these boxes, students of individual grades can access grade-specific resources such as Notices and Homework Calendars. Some grades are also able to access extra areas; for example, Class of 2014 can access their Social Entrepreneurs Project website. At the bottom of the page are a set of links to resources helpful for all students, most notably the Gifted Learning Resources area, which features the newsletters written by the former English teacher Mr. Manoj Chandra Handa.

Other new sections

The most observant of readers will notice that Times and Dates, Uniform Shop, and Intranet Help are also new. Here is a brief explanation for these sections:
  • Times and Dates: provides access to information about (unsurprisingly) times and dates - such as the events calendar, exam timetables, and term dates.
  • Uniform Shop: very little content right now, but this will change very soon.
  • Intranet Help: provides background information and useful documentation about the intranet. Also provides you with a method to reset your password!

We hope you enjoy this substantial redesign of Intranet Central. Remember, you can always send feedback to us via <>. Comments, questions, and requests are always welcome.