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Rep Chess: Urgent notice for intermediate players; review of holiday tournament

posted Oct 20, 2010, 6:15 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Oct 20, 2010, 6:17 PM by Joshua Lau ]
Reschedule of Intermediate Semi-Final with NSBHS
All Intermediate players including reserve please note that this event will be held in Ruse on the 29/10/10 at 2:00pm. We are all under preesure from the organizer to complete this match including a replay (if necessary) on this date. The exact room where the event is held will be notified to all players once this has been finalised with the school authorities.

Recent NSWJCL's Tournament held over the school holidays

Our boys did well in these tournaments.
1) City of Sydney Junior Championship U18
Austin Shen came in 5th. Well done.
2) City of Sydney Championship U15
Joshua Lau came in equal 3rd. Good effort
3) Spring 1 Day Tournament
Jackie Wu came in equal 3rd. A very good effort for the new kid in the block and a potential player for next year Intermediate Team.

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