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Photos: Y8 Agriculture Excursion

posted Oct 21, 2010, 2:24 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 5:15 AM by Joshua Lau ]
Welcome to week two's photos of the week! This Friday on Intranet Watch, we will be showcasing the adventure our Year 8s embarked upon last week to rural production farms.
With the HSC examinations in full swing and junior examinations fast approaching, everyone here at RuseID would like to wish fellow Rusians good luck! =)
We've kick-started our last term for 2010 with some intensive Agriculture. Our year 11s breathed a sigh of relief as they completed their Agriculture HSC in their first week back and year 9s flew through their first school certificate examination (on agriculture) this Tuesday! Therefore, it is only fitting that we finish off our first fortnight of term 4 with an agriculture-induced bang! Enjoy!

On the 15th October, Year 8 left the cosy comforts of their Ag classroom to have some hands-on experience in real farms. They were split into three groups visiting of two of the three locations; strawberry, alpaca and hydroponics farms. 
At the alpaca farm, they assisted the farmer in cleaning up the wonderfully scented Alpaca droppings that littered the luscious paddocks. Many say it was quite the experience.

Next stop was the Hydroponics farm which had less of a physical involvement but was equally enriching in its own right. Finally, they checked out a rural strawberry farm which proved to be a tantalising treat! Yum!

 Unfortunately, photos of Y8's fun-packed day are currently unavaliable. However, the gallery will be at your disposal within the next week in our Photos Archive, so remember to keep an eye out! Please email (see below) or see a friendly RuseID member if you would like to submit any photos that were taken on the excursion.  Look out for next week's photo showcase and have a pleasant week three!

 If you would like to contribute photos for inclusion in future galleries, or to be shown here on this weekly photo feature, then all you need to do is email with your images. JPEG files attached to email messages or arrangements to pick up photos during school are preferable. We also accept public links to Facebook and Picasa albums if you prefer to use those services. Please indicate your name so that we can give you credit.