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Known issue with Intranet and Google Accounts

posted Aug 3, 2011, 5:06 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 3, 2011, 5:31 AM by Joshua Lau ]
The JRAHS Intranet was moved to the larger Google Accounts system by Google last week.

This means you can no longer access the Intranet while using your own personal Google account in the same browser window.

You will receive a notice titled "Important changes to your account" upon signing into the Intranet.
You will only be able to access the Intranet by clicking Accept.

This issue cannot be resolved by the RuseID team.

You can access the Intranet without logging out of your personal Google Account in three ways:
  1. Using the "Private Browsing" mode on your browser.
    On Google Chrome, open a new Incognito window by going to Wrench Menu > New incognito window.
    On Windows, use Ctrl-Shift-N.
    On Internet Explorer, open an InPrivate window by going to Tools > Safety > InPrivate Browsing, or use Ctrl-Shift-P.
    On Firefox, open a Private Browsing window by going to the Firefox or Tools menu > Start private browsing, or use Ctrl-Shift-P. You cannot open a separate regular browsing window in Firefox, but you will not be logged out of your regular Google Account when you have finished with Private Browsing.

  2. Using another browser to access the Intranet.

  3. Using multiple sign-in. A help topic from Google is available.

Advanced users can read more about the changes.