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Interact Site Updated! Information about the Red Shield Doorknock

posted May 18, 2011, 2:13 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated May 18, 2011, 2:33 PM by Joshua Lau ]
The Interact website has recently received a major update, with heaps of new content and up-to-date material. You can access the updated site here:

Here is a sample of what's new. The following has been cross-posted from the Interact news feed.

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, thank you to all who have signed up to participate in the Red Shield doorknock next weekend. It's a fun and rewarding experience that isn't usually offered in our everyday Ruse lives (I think) and it counts towards the stamp anyway.

While announcements and the like will still be sent around via email (google groups), they will be posted here as well. Any relevant material such as the permission forms (here) and the schedule (here) will be posted for this and future events.

You may find the video on or anything else on that page useful.

The permission form you obtained from the email chain for the Red Shield doorknock should be handed in to Ms Connors already. If for some highly strange reason you're reading this now I would like to kindly remind you to download and print a permission form from the downloads page to hand in tomorrow and go to sleep.

For reference the roster list is posted below.
If there any enquiries regarding the Red Shield Appeal, please send an email to Dennis at

If you have any issues with the roster, such as if you wish to change your shift or you think there has been an error, please notify Richard at

Otherwise, we're looking forward to seeing you all on the weekend!

 Saturday Morning
 Saturday Afternoon
 Sunday Morning

Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Last Name First Name
Chan Clement Chan Ean Au Alexandra
Chan Wingki Chan Jodic Chan Daisy
Chaukra Shefali Chan Stephanie Chen Joey
Chen Rosalie Gong Sharon Cheng Joyce
Gurumahan Priya Jin Irene Deng Victoria
Huynh Elizabeth Mitra Amrita Ding Natalie
Lee Alvin Nguyen Beatrice Fan Joanna
Lee Andrew Ung Rhonda Hsu Elizabeth
Lee Ling Wang Andrew Huang Sarah
Lee Peter Joon Wang Jeffery Huang Tony
Li Andrew Wu Christine Khan Naushin
Lo Charmaine Yang Rachel Lau Katie
Lu Robyn Zheng Daisy Lee Christina
Ma Fiona

Lee Rachel
Magallanes Ellen

Lee Marco
Mahendran Shehane

Lin Lucy
Mar Celeste

Lin Beryl
Mo Sharon

Lu Michel
Nguyen Dennis

Lu Annie
Qian Leanne

Ma Clarence
Ruan Shirley

Mahendravarman Vaishni
Shi Lisa

Mak Gerald
Shim Vanessa

Miao Yueyue
Sritharan Thanya

Mittal Ria
Suresh Susmitha

Nguyen Christine
Urutherakumar Varshinee

Qian Helena
Wong Jaclyn

Rajashekar Krithika
Wu Kelly

Shen Anna
Yang Yive

Shui Cher
Ye Amy

Shum Karina
Zhou Margaret

Sritharan Hari
Zhu Louie

Su Susanna

Tan Angela

Tang Sydney

Tsui Andrew

Wang Benjamen

Wen Ivy

Wu Sophie

Yam Patricia

Yao Sherilyn

Ye Anna

Ying Sean

Yu Paula

Yuen Richard

Yuen Matthew

Yung Wallace

Zeng Georgia

Zhang Kathy

Zhang Michelle