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How-to: be automatically informed of Intranet Watch updates

posted Oct 26, 2010, 2:17 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Oct 26, 2010, 11:18 PM by Joshua Lau ]
The entire Intranet, but especially Intranet Watch, has been set up so that you don't need to check back frequently to see if there is new content. We have several systems in place to automatically notify you - through services you already use - when new material is made available.

Think of these services as a bit like a magazine subscription. If you have such a subscription, it means that you have asked a magazine publisher to send you new editions of that magazine automatically. Rather than checking back at your local newsagent each day, the new edition is delivered straight to you as soon as it is ready. 

Subscribing to Intranet Watch updates is exactly the same: if you subscribe to updates on the school intranet, you don't need to make the effort to check back to see if there is anything new for you. We'll let you know through the following services when there's new material that might interest you.


The first way of subscribing is through email. This is the most commonly-used service by intranet users. To subscribe by email, fill out the email subscription form. The form requires you to type in your email address and a confirmation code, as shown below:

Email subscription form

Email subscribers will receive an email in their inbox each day that summarises all the new updates that happened during that day. An example is shown below, on a day when three updates have been posted.

Email screenshot

If there are no updates on a given day, then no email is sent out.


Subscribing by RSS feed is a little more technically advanced, and not recommended for those who would rather receive updates with a minimum of fuss. Receiving RSS feed updates requires the use a feed reader, which is a service designed to collect updates from all kinds of websites (not just Intranet Watch). As a result, this is a handy option for those who spend a lot of time already browsing websites that have regular updates. It also helps to keep your email inbox neat and tidy, rather than filled with updates from various websites.

If you do not already use a feed reader and would like to, we recommend Google Reader, which is free, fast and user-friendly. Sign up for an account, and then watch this video introduction to the service. Alternatively, you can read this very helpful written guide to Google Reader.

Once you subscribe to the Intranet Watch RSS feed, you will begin to receive updates straight away and you can return to your feed reader to read all the updates from whatever variety of websites you choose to subscribe to. A screenshot of a feed reader viewing the Intranet Watch feed is shown below.

Google Reader screenshot


If you own a Twitter account, it's as simple as choosing to "Follow" our Intranet Watch Twitter page in order to receive updates on your own Twitter account. Once you follow Intranet Watch, intranet updates will appear alongside posts by all the other people whom you follow.

Intranet Watch updates on Twitter


Since so many people already have Facebook accounts (and use it so regularly!), we're pleased to offer updates through the official Facebook page for Intranet Watch. If you click on the "Like" icon for Intranet Watch on Facebook, Intranet Watch notices will appear on your central Facebook news feed. Alongside your friends' updates, you will see the titles of Intranet Watch posts, as well as links that you can click to access further details and content. A screenshot of this is shown below.

Intranet Watch updates on Facebook

That's all for intranet help this week. Let us know if you have further questions that you would like addressed in this regular feature in the future!