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How-to: Be a Google Calendar Ninja

posted Nov 3, 2010, 3:28 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 3, 2010, 5:21 AM by Joshua Lau ]
Have you wondered how to access the Homework Calendar quickly from the Intranet, use the school's Google Calendar system or send assignment reminders to yourself?

Learn how to become a Google Calendar ninja!

White Belt: Adding the HWC to your calendar

At the bottom of the calendar page, click

You will then be taken to your school calendar.

You can now access your grade's calendar (and your own) whenever you click Calendar.

Green Belt: Using Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be more useful than just viewing the Homework Calendar- you can also add your own events, and even set up a to-do list.

Any events you add to your own calendar ( can only be seen by you.

Add an event by single-clicking the day or time, then typing in the details.
Click Tasks for a simple to-do list.

Black Belt: Setting up notifications for Homework events

If you are already forwarding your JRAHS Mail to your inbox (if you haven't, read this), you can easily set up notifications before an assessment task (bookmark, test) comes up.

Double-clicking any event
will show you this screen:

Add an email reminder however long before the event takes place! (Popup does not work.)

Every Wednesday on Intranet Watch we will be running through a short tutorial on how to use a specific intranet feature, or answering a question about the intranet in general.

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