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Featured Content: Ruse Prefects 2010/2011 Site

posted Oct 25, 2010, 3:26 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 28, 2010, 2:49 AM by Joshua Lau ]
Since their induction earlier this year, the Prefects of 2010/2011 have been utilising the intranet as a communication medium through their new Co-Curricular site. Tonight, we will be showing you how you can make use of this new site and all it has to offer, by exploring each section individually.

Front Page

The front page is designed to be as simple as possible whilst also providing access to whatever you are looking for. On the left is a quick notice - "Coming up next" - about the prefects' next big initiative/event, whatever it may be at the time of viewing. This notice changes as time progresses. On the right are somewhat more permanent features, such as the navigation box, a quick explanation of who the prefects are, and links to the sites of past prefect bodies.


The announcements section, accessible through the front page's navigation box, is a chronologically-ordered news feed where information about recent and upcoming events is expounded upon. Think of it as a more detailed version of the "Coming up next" box on the front page. In fact, most of the time, the boxes on the front page link to individual entries, or "posts", in the announcements section.


The initiatives section, also accessible through the front page's navigation box, shows all notices, past and present, which have appeared on the left column of the front page. It also displays boxes for ongoing initiatives such as Ricebowl and Prefect News.


The photos section, again accessible through the front page's navigation box, links you to photo albums of prefect-organised events. Some of these albums can also be accessed through Intranet Central, while others are Prefects-exclusive photo albums.


The videos section, the final item of the front page's navigation box, takes you to an index of all the videos which the prefects have published. These videos can be viewed online (as pictured above). Only senior students can watch the videos on school computers due to DET Internet Filter policies.

List of Prefects 2010/2011

This is simply a list of all the current prefects, accessible through the link in the "About your prefects" box on the main page.

Previous prefect bodies

Past prefect bodies' sites remain archived and are accessible through the "Past prefect bodies" box on the front page.

We hope you enjoy using the new prefects site. Any suggestions, comments, requests, etc. should be forwarded to the prefects themselves, via <>. Stay tuned to the prefects site, as new information about the next big event - the interhouse Quidditch competition - is coming soon.