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Featured Content: James Ruse Cadets Site

posted Nov 7, 2010, 11:35 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 7, 2010, 11:41 PM by Joshua Lau ]
The James Ruse Agricultural High School Cadet Unit has been operating for 50 years now. The co-curricular site is currently being run by the cadet officers and includes announcements, resources and documents such as permission notes and NOK forms.
Front Page

The front page gives a brief overview about the cadet unit and also shows the latest announcements regarding to parades and bivouacs. At the bottom of the page, there are links to subpages (Army-based Activities, News, OHS Documentation, Resources and School-Based Activities) and also documents that apply to all cadets, including a template for writing minutes and Training Objectives for this term.
Army Based Activities
The Army-Based Activities section of the site contains files related to activities on a battalion or brigade level. This section may contain documents associated with Singleton Promotion Courses and AFX, which might include NOK forms, instructions and permission notes. 
News section displays all announcements, including those that can be accessed through the front page.
OHS Documentation
The OHS Documentation section contains files relating to health and safety, including information about the prevention and management of health conditions and past issues of Safety News. The section of the site may be more relevant to instructors than cadets.

The Resources section provides valuable links to other sites and its own subpages, which contain useful information for instructors and also cadets who may have missed lessons. The subpages of this section are Block Scales, Customs and Traditions, Drill, Fieldcraft, First Aid, Instructor Handbook, Policy Manual, Training and Miscellany. These subpages contain helpful information for preparing drill and theory lessons, as well as lesson plans, dress orders, rank charts and PowerPoint presentations.
School-Based Activities
The School-Based Activities section provides documents regarding activities based on a unit level, such as bivouacs and annual camps. Files include instructions, permission notes, NOK forms and food and gas order forms. This is an important section for all cadets as all permission notes must be downloaded from this site if you wish to participate in unit activities.