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CADETS: VIP- VERY IMPORTANT Parade, immaculate dress and bearing required!

posted Feb 19, 2011, 3:42 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 19, 2011, 3:49 AM by Joshua Lau ]
Hi Cadets,

Monday's parade is very important for all of you and for the unit as a whole. 

We have two guest visitors inspecting our unit on Monday. The Commander of the NSW AAC Brigade LTCOL (AAC) Major and the NSW Brigade RSM, WO1 Friend will be be inspecting our unit. That's the commander  and RSM of all NSW cadets coming to our unit.

The reason for their visit is to discuss the possibility of us parading the Duke of Ed banner with steyrs and everything so your conduct, attitude, dress, and bearing, will play a significant role. Parading the DOE banner is a huge privilege and is only reserved for special occasions which in our case is the 50th anniversary for the unit. 

That means:
  • Having perfect uniform including flat, ironed KFF, ironed shirt, bloused pants, 
  • Having hair of suitable length. For males if your hair is touching your neck or your ears, it must be cut  or you will receive a number one all round on monday. Female cadets you know what to do, neatly tied in a bun.
  • Shaving. We will make you shave and get rid of ALL facial hair on monday, so its better if you do it yourself first.
  • Having clean Terra's or RG's. or polished black boots. KHAKI GP boots are not to be worn
  1. Marching everywhere you go. 
  2. Saluting a commissioned officer in uniform. That includes CUO's and ADULT OFFICERS. NOT WO Friend.. Ask a corporal or sergeant if you're not sure how to do this. 
  3. Behaving like disciplined cadets at all times. That means, no mucking around in the ranks , no crude language, and paying attention during lessons. 

Keep these issues in mind on Monday, and see you all for a fun parade of interesting military history and a practical experience with Traps and Snares.  


--crossposted from the Cadets News Feed